The Piercing Blog

Get amongst it ! We've created this hub for you to share your piercing story with the world, and help us alleviate the nerves for those who haven't yet taken the journey.

Does Getting Your Belly Pierced Hurt?

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it your...

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20 Year Journey of a Pierced Belly Button

I first had my belly pierced back in the 90's when it was barely even fashionable to do so. My mother nearly died a hundred deaths when she saw my freshly...

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Tips for Using Our Belly Ring Site

1. Seeing spots? Us too! You can click the coloured dots to see each belly ring in that colour. No more losing your place every time you click through to...

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The Belly Ring Shop! Why the change TummyToys?

Our site is new, but we aren't !! We have been selling belly rings for over 15 years, with a bulk of this collection of belly bars previously located on the TummyToys®...

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