Relief for Piercing Infections and Allergies


Argh, it's infected !! There's nothing worse or more worrying than suspecting the demise of a much loved piercing. You endured the piercing pain, and fell in love with the result, only to realise, at some stage, that your piercing is unhappy and progressively getting worse.

It's advised not to change or remove your jewellery unless your doctor tells you to, most issues can be treated without jewellery removal. Any jewellery change should not be done without the assistance of a professional body piercer during this time, as the inflammation and tenderness is likely to cause the piercing to close up instantly and become far too painful for reinsertion.

Diagnosing the cause can be tricky. The issue may be a minor infection which is easy to treat with a sea salt soak without removing the jewellery. Serious infections may need antibiotics as prescribed by a Doctor/GP and may still be treatable with the jewellery in place. Alternatively, the cause may be a metal allergy in which case you will need to consult your piercer to look into the possibility of swapping to an implant grade titanium bar or another material that you know your body won't react to, refer to our material guide for further information.

Metal allergies typically present with itchy bumps, a widening hole and redness, whereas infections will present with tender skin, red inflammation and discharge. Infections can even be caused during the change over of jewellery if any bacteria makes its way in, this can even happen to fully healed piercings that were performed years prior. When this happens it is best to fit a plain surgical steel (no dangles due to weight/snagging) or a plain solid titanium bar (similar to the one you were originally pierced in) as quickly as possible before any swelling or severe symptoms begin to show. Serious infections may present with a green or yellow discharge and should be assessed by a doctor or your body piercing professional as a matter of urgency. If you have a fever, dizziness or nausea you need to consult a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

If you suspect a metal allergy, you may wish to checkout our hypoallergenic range of body jewellery here. NOTE: Do not change a new or severely infected piercing without the assistance of your professional body piercer as this may cause your infection/reaction to get worse, you may lose your piercing, and removal could also trap bacteria within the piercing.

To get you on the road to recovery, we recommend performing a quick and easy DIY sea salt treatment. You'll be pleased to know that this method is both cheap and easy. We've outlined the steps for you in the section below. You may also find quick relief of pain and symptoms by using a clean, warm compress.

Additionally, try to wear clean, loose fitting clothing to prevent snagging or suffocating the wound. It's important to avoid touching or playing with the jewellery as this will only make it worse. Avoid swimming in any still water, including pools, spas/hot tubs or lakes where bacteria may be present. A gentle ocean swim in salt water however may offer healing benefits for mildly infected piercings, however this is not recommended in the first two weeks of a new piercing nor when suffering a serious infection.

In addition to the sea salt soak below, you should spray a saline or sea salt solution at least twice daily to keep the area free from bacteria. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or creams as these may hinder the healing process, alcohol in particular is known to dry out and crack the skin around the piercing.

When showering, do not use fragrant soaps or perfumes near your piercing, instead opt for an anti-bacterial soap and use warm water, not hot. Gently dry your piercing using soft paper towel to ensure that it is not left wet or moist.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as a guide only and does not qualify as professional medical advice. You should always consult a doctor/GP or your professional body piercer for a personal consultation regarding all piercing medical complications.


You'll need a kettle (or a way to boil water), a shot glass, sea salt (from the grocery store) and a towel for potential spills.

Step 1. Boil some water and allow it to cool completely until it reaches a comfortable skin temperature. Do NOT use while it is still hot to touch or steaming - burning your already disgruntled piercing will NOT do you any favours.

Step 2. Wash your hands (always!)

Step 3. Grab a shot glass, or a similar small shaped glass, and fill it halfway.

Step 4. Grind the sea salt into the glass, adding approximately 1 teaspoon or a similar generous amount.

Step 5. Grab a towel and have it nearby. Stand over your shot glass and create a suction with your navel piercing. Then you can either lean back in a chair or on a couch, using the towel to prevent any unexpected spills. Do NOT do this process using a couch/chair that you would not want any spillage or damage done to.

Step 6. Allow the piercing to soak for approximately 1 minute before removing the glass (you may wish to stand up again to prevent spillage).

You should notice an improvement almost immediately however if you don't notice any remarkable improvements it may be wise to seek a GP for advise. The issue could be a serious infection that may need antibiotics, or alternatively it could be a metal allergy.

To avoid infections moving forward, always wash your hands, jewellery, and piercing location before touching or changing any jewellery.

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Our solid titanium belly rings are perfect for those who have experienced metal allergies when wearing surgical steel navel jewellery and/or other metals.

Additionally, titanium is the preferred material used by professional body piercers due to the healing time being accelerated and the chances of rejection and infection considerably minimized.

Our full range of implant grade titanium belly rings are 100% non-hypoallergenic and comprised of premium grade titanium (G23) with no other hidden materials.

While it may be slightly more costly to upgrade to titanium, it's accelerated healing and reduced allergy effects make this material a superior choice.

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