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Flexie and Retainer Belly Piercings

Super comfortable, surgical grade, nickel free belly ring rings for day to day wear, available in a large variety of styles and colours. Flex navel rings are comprised of Bioflex, a hypoallergenic, biocompatible, lightweight plastic that bends and flexes as you do - providing more comfort for everyday activities.

We also have navel piercing retainers available for purchase below which are fantastic for disguising and hiding your belly button piercing. 

Flex belly rings are made with an extremely bendy material making them especially comfortable for those who play sports, do yoga or generally lead an active lifestyle. The PTFE is a medical grade material that is safe to use in all piercings. They are also perfect for those who suffer from nickel allergies. Need a belly ring for surgery procedures or hospital? With their surgical grade qualities, flex belly bars are the answer!

Looking for extra long flex belly rings? Check out our maternity flex belly rings here.

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