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Maria Tash Stud Sizing Guide

When detailing the sizes of the Maria Tash studs you will hear references to post lengths, gauges and frontals. The frontal is the visual part (example the diamond) also known as the focal part or the front piece. The piercing bar that is inserted into your ear is sized as the post length, while the gauge is the thickness of the post.

Ball Flower & Threaded Backings

Traditional butterfly studs are the most common type of earring worn for lobe piercings since they're both secure and easy to switch on and off.

We recommend threaded studs for 24/7 comfort in cartilage piercings. They screw into place with smooth backs that lay flush against the ear and don’t poke out or get caught on hair and clothing. We offer six different post.

The flat back studs typically feature Maria Tash's threaded flower backing as pictured, however they are also available in a flat disc. These backings are compatible with all Maria Tash frontals giving you the flexibility to purchase different sizes and move your jewellery (frontals) around to alternate placements with ease.

Suggested Lengths by Placement

High or Stacked Lobe: 6.5mm
Helix: 6.5mm
Conch: 6.5mm
Tash Rook: 5mm
Tragus: 6.5mm
Forward Helix: 5mm
Nostril: 6.5mm
Earlobe, piercing 1 and 2: 6.5mm
Earlobe, piercing 3 and up: 5mm

Mechanism's Explained

The "post" is the part that moves through the ear, attaching frontal to backing. Posts come in various lengths and shapes so they can be fit to different anatomy.
The "frontal" is where the gemstone or forward-facing design appears.
The "backing" is the stopper that holds a post in place at the back of the ear.
A "butterfly backing" is the most common earring backing; it is pushed straight onto a traditional stud post. "Butterfly" refers to the shape of this style.
Designed by Maria Tash herself, "ballflowers" screw into threaded posts and have an elegant design that adds a decorative element to the back of our earrings.
The "disc" is a simple, minimalist style of threaded stud backing that provides a comfortable option.