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DIY Flexible PTFE Surgical Grade Belly Bar Wire

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Giving you the creativity

This is where the real fun with belly rings begins! Our belly bar DIY tool is for the self confessed fashion designers who wish to create their very own unique belly button rings with classic bananabells, spiral twisters and horse shoes. These cute belly bars are super comfy, high quality and solid 316L surgical steel. Mix and match your top and bottom balls to create your own unique look with the ability to create hundreds of different styles.

  • Step 1: For basic belly rings, select your belly bar style below (then continue to step 2) or for dangles select from one of our add charm designs and attach your own dangly pendant.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Top Ball in the Options Panel
  • Step 3: Choose Your Bottom Ball in the Options Panel

Optional... Choose a custom size. The bananabell belly rings are available in custom sizes from 6mm all the way up to the super sized 19mm length bars.

You can also get creative with your belly bars by adding your own charms. This is a great way to turn old jewellery into something new, it's cost effective and guaranteed to deliver you a piece of unique belly jewellery. You can view our add charm belly rings here to create your own fun belly dangles.

Another great way to achieve your own unique and flexible piercing style is to mix and match our solid 925 silver swinger charms with the TummyToy® huggies. Combine a vareity of different coloured belly huggies with a selection of cute dangles to create your own unique look. Quality belly ring jewellery with the Iconic TummyToys® range.

Custom Sizes
DIY Custom Size Bananabell Belly Bar Shafts
DIY Custom Size Horse Shoe Circular Barbells
From $3.90 - $4.50
DIY Custom Spiral Twist Navel Rings
DIY Pregnancy Belly Rings
From $4.90 - $5.90
DIY Flexible PTFE Surgical Grade Belly Bar Wire
From $3.90 - $6.90
Basic Charm Slave Belly Rings
Black BioFlex DIY Add Your Charm Pregnancy Belly Rings
Prong Set Gem Charm Slave Belly Rings
925 Silver
TummyToys® Blue Paved Charm Slave
925 Silver
TummyToys® Emerald Charm Slave
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