The Itty Bitty Belly Gritty

Navel Jewellery Materials

If you're new to the world of belly rings, you're probably very confused by the huge variety of belly ring materials available, the fluctuating price ranges and how to find the best type for you. Let us simplify it for you.


Surgical Steel

Perfect for most skin types and suitable for piercings that are healing, in fact your body piercer will most like use surgical steel to implant your first belly bar! Surgical steel belly rings are affordable and come in a HUGE variety of styles. If you have metal allergies, keep in mind that the dangles that hang from surgical steel jewellery can sometimes contain nickels depending on the style, for those with nickel allergies you should opt for the basics (no dangles) or try our collection of solid silver and solid gold belly rings as mentioned below.

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The best option for fast healing coupled with low allergenic. Titanium is the preferred material used by professional body piercers due to the healing time being accelerated and the chances of rejection and infection considerably minimized.

Our full range of titanium belly rings in this collection are 100% non-hypoallergenic and comprised of premium grade titanium (G23) with no other hidden materials.


Plated Jewellery

Plated golds and plated titaniums are bargain priced but will fade over time with water exposure and body chemicals. They are a fantastic option for fun fashion navel jewellery without the price tag, but NOT suitable for piercings that are still healing.

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Acrylic Jewellery

So cheap, so bright and so much fun!! However, they are plastic and they won't last forever. Stock up on a variety of colours to mix and match with, but keep in mind that acrylic belly rings will only be suitable for short timeframes. Priced between $1-$5 they are an affordable way to build up your belly jewellery collection with bright varieties and super cute styles.

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Bendy, flexy, comfy !! These navel rings feature a 14g flexible post comprised of medical grade PTFE. They are the perfect choice for expecting mothers, allowing a compassionate fit that moves with you without the tight restrictions of steel and hard metals. PTFE is also perfect for those undergoing surgeries and/or x-rays due to the composition.

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Sensitive skin? Take the guesswork out with our collection featuring a mix of metals, all 100% nickel free so that you can shop with assurance. This collection is fully waterproof, won't fade or wear down with body oils and is your one stop shop for trusted navel jewellery.

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TummyToys® Steel Cubic Zirconia Drop Sleeper - TummyToys® Patented Clasp. Navel Rings Australia.

The optimum choice

925 Silver

Perfect for water wear and year round comfort, solid silver belly jewellery is a premium choice that will NOT flake, fade or peel with age. A simple polish will bring your silver belly rings back to shiny new. All of our silver navel rings are comprised entirely of 925 Sterling Silver including any dangling or attached pendants.

NOTE: 925 Silver is not suitable for new navel piercings that are still healing.

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Marina Teardrop Belly Ring in 14K White Gold - Dangling Belly Ring. Navel Rings Australia.

The Ooh La La Range

Solid Gold

Another premium choice for your navel piercing that is suitable for water wear and year round comfort. Our solid gold belly rings come in a variety of styles by renowned designers including TummyToys and Maria Tash. All of our solid gold navel rings are comprised entirely of 14K or 18K gold including any dangling or attached charms. While solid gold belly rings are more costly, they will last much longer and provide a more sophisticated style.

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