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Does Getting Your Belly Pierced Hurt?

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it your...

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it your laughing both with releif and excitement that it‘s DONE! It‘s actually quite an exhilierating experience.

When I had my navel piercing done (about 30 years ago now) my piercer made a joke about calling an ambulance shortly after performing the piercing. My friend and I were just too busy laughing to even think about the pain!

The healing process can take quite a few weeks, but aside from a little tenderness for the first few days, assuming you keep your belly piercing clean and clear of infection, the new piercing doesn‘t cause too much discomfort at all. Follow your piercers guidelines for looking after your piercing and you‘ll be surprised just how quickly it heals and how painless the whole procedure is. It‘s definately best to wear loose fitting clothing during this healing time, anything that won‘t rub and distress your belly piercing is great.

If your about to get your belly button pierced, my advice, stop worrying about it and simply look forward to the event. MAKE SURE YOU USE A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER!! This is very important. There are risks associated with piercings, but these are very low if you use a trusted professional. Also, take care when selecting the jewellery you will use for your new navel piercing, make sure you select a surgical grade belly ring and listen to the advise offered by your piercer. Some designs cause less stress on a new piercing and are worthwhile using in the short term for the long term benefits of a successful piercing. Internally threaded belly rings are also good for new piercings to avoid bacterial build up so consider these if they are available.

The answer? NO! Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as people who havn‘t had it done anticipate!

Kathy Acker, in an interview, described her own experience with piercing: "Ground yourself and do really deep breathing. And if you do it right, the kundalini will come. The energy will go right to the top of your brain and shoot out. And it did!"

15 comments on Does Getting Your Belly Pierced Hurt?
  • Marian
    MarianApril 14, 2024

    My mom took me for my 15th birthday. I loved it but took me a while to get used to, every time I stood up too quickly at school, the belly ring would catch on the desks.

  • Brooke
    BrookeApril 10, 2024

    I got mine in December when I turned 18 (not that long ago) but I love it! If anyone is thinking about it I would definitely go do it. It’s not as bad as you think I didn’t even feel the needle go in!

  • Bridget
    BridgetApril 05, 2024

    Lol. Well my first one I had done, a friend was the clamp and the other person pushed it threw. Looked great. This was about 5 years ago on the 4th of July. It went great! I went to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden I heard the ball hit the floor (ugh) and the piercing fell out….so I cleaned it off and tried to put it back in and no luck lol. So I waited until it healed and got it professionally done.

  • Laykin
    LaykinApril 04, 2024

    I was 18 and drinking at Country fest 2014 and made my way to the tattoo and piercing tent. I spent the rest of the night showing it off at the karaoke tent and yellow bar.

  • Randi
    RandiApril 02, 2024

    I got my navel piercing done when I was a senior in high school. A few friends of mine went to a tattoo and piercing place so they recommended me to the guy who pierced me. He was super nice and really professional and clean. The needle hurt the worst for me. Being only 95 lbs I’m not sure that helped my case but it healed great!

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