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Charms ! A body piercing evolution

The body jewellery trick that is set to elevate your collection !! Using charms and pendants you can add diversity and individuality to your pieces by inserting charm parts through...

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The Piercing Guide Cheatsheet

Need help finding the perfect statement piece for your piercing, without stretching the budget or itching the skin? You've come to the right place, here we aim to take the...

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Introducing Our Tighty Tins !!

We launched our new packaging this week. Environmental impact has always been a high concern for us so we previously used recycled paper envelopes, with our jewellery wrapped in decorative...

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Does Getting Your Belly Pierced Hurt?

Getting your belly button pierced doesn‘t hurt nearly as much as the anticipation of it does! It‘s like a pinch and it‘s rather quick ... before you know it you're...

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Confusing we know! Click here to establish your preferred navel ring size and learn how the industry standard sizing works for navel jewellery.


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