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Belly Bars by Colour

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Whisper I love you with pink

Pink speaks a language of its own. It screams feminine, shouts fun, and whispers love. It's the vibe of punk, the contrast of grey, the vibrant in your day and the symbol of girlish delight.

Think pink from shades of fuchsia to baby pinks, misty opalites, freshwater pearls and coral delights.




Earthy, cool and calming. This collection features our softest of blue shades in belly rings, including aquamarine, baby blue, ocean teal and cobalt blue.

Looking for richer blue belly bars? Try our indigo blue collection of navel jewellery to discover hundreds of belly bars with a royal blue finish.


Like a pot of gold...

Rainbow Hues & Mixes

Spin the colour wheel and land on contrasting mixes that set the mood to WOW.

Our rainbow collection isn't for those who like boring. Full of colour that pops like candy so that you can lose yourself in a rainbow of love.


Black Belly Rings

Universally sexy, black is tantalising to the eye and belly rings in this dark shade deliver a mysterious, elegant, confident, classy and sassy style in one tiny bundle. Add an edge to your belly ring collection with the addition of jet black belly bars, they're easy to mix with any ensemble and look HOT with a bikini.

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Purple & Amethyst

It's the current trending colour in belly ring jewellery. Pierced babes are flocking to vivid and striking colours in unique designs and purple is this seasons must have accessory. Purple delivers a mystic charm and is said to be a very spiritual colour. This collection of belly bars consists of gorgeous purple tones from Amethyst to Lavender, Violet and Lilac.

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Emerald Green

Bold, earthy, and glamorous! Emerald green is the colour of choice for those who stray from cliche's, preferring unique, eye-catching belly jewellery. The colour screams old school glamour, with a mix of modern, femininity. The colour green is frequently used in bohemian and vintage styles utilising opals, green turquoise, emeralds and natural gemstones.

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Aurora Borealis

Belly rings in Aurora Borealis are inspired from the Northern and Southern Light show that occurs from explosions that release electromagnetic matter creating a spectacular light show. Our collection of Aurora Borealis belly rings deliver a spectacular mix of colours that blend tones of pink, purple, blue and green.

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Classic, Unchallenged Sophistication