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Medusa's Snake Nipple Clicker

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Steel Segment Clicker Piercing Classic Aurora Prong Nipple Barbell Ring in Rose Gold Vintage Rose Gold Opal Nipple Ring Classic Prong Celeste Nipple Rings in Rose Gold

Tit bits !! Nipple Ring Body Jewellery

Our unique collection of sexy nipple rings including the popular TummyToys® Snap Lock Sleeper, Nipple Shields, Straight Barbells (rods), Nipple Clickers, Captive Beads and Horseshoe (circular) Barbells.

Looking for a touch of high end for your nipple? A must have is the solid gold TummyToys® Nipple Ring with a single GENUINE diamond. Ultra sexy, premium grade nipple rings for your...erm boobies!

Fun fact...does getting your nipple pierced hurt?

Many expect that a nipple piercing would be exceptionally painful, however the opposite is true. If pierced accurately by a professional the patient experiences a tight pinching feeling rather than the anticipated (exaggerated) pain.

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Opaline Nipple Barbell Ring in Rose Gold
Segment Clicker Piercing in Rose Gold
Classic Gem Rose Gold Circular Barbell
La Fusión Nipple Jewellery in Rose Gold
Crystal Paved Playboy Bunny Nipple Bar in Rose Gold
Official Pink Playboy Bunny Logo Nipple Bar in Rose Gold
Midnight Jewels Nipple Barbell in Rose Gold