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Your Guide to Buying Belly Rings

Yay! You're either pierced or about to get a new belly piercing. Regardless of whether you're a belly ring virgin or a belly ring pro, we have articles and resources that you'll find especially useful below.

  • Belly Piercing Stories. Get a social fix on our blog over at TummyToys and read all about other peoples piercing stories and what its like to get your belly pierced. Before you leave, you can also anonymously share your story! Join the conversation here.
  • How to Care for New Navel Piercings. Congratulations, you're pierced! It's important to keep your piercing clean and free from bacteria throughout the healing process which can take any where from 3 - 12 months. If at any time you feel at all concerned about your new navel piercing CONTACT YOUR BODY PIERCING PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY. Visit the WikiHow Navel Piercing Guide for the best tips on caring for your new body art.
  • Belly Ring Buying Guide. Getting lost in the styles, sizes and materials of belly rings. Why are some so CHEAP? And why are others so much more expensive? Find out here.
  • Belly Piercing Allergy. Do you suffer from metal allergies or occasional skin rashes and redness around your navel piercing? If so, check out our comprehensive guide on what causes belly ring piercing allergies and how to find the right solution for you.
  • Changing Your Belly Ring. Changing your belly ring for the first time can be a little nerve racking, but don't worry, in no time at all it will become as simplified for you as changing an earring. Check out the advise at TummyToys for changing your piercing here.
  • Size Guide. This size guide has been provided by TummyToys®. Professional belly piercings are performed in a standard 14g (gauge width) and pierced to fit the standard size 10mm (3/8) and 11mm (7/16) belly rings. All of our navel rings are supplied within the standard size range unless otherwise stated. Click here to learn how to establish your navel piercing size if you're not sure and find out which belly rings are best for you.
  • Belly Ring Care and Maintenance. Learn how to care for your new belly rings and find out which materials last the longest and shine up best. Our extensive guide provides instructions for taking care of your belly jewellery to maximise its life and obtain for our customers the value for money they're looking for.

Our range of premium belly bars here at The Belly Ring Shop is available in a number of materials including:

Many of the items in our store are handmade by qualified jewellers including the full TummyToys® range, Saltwater Silver and our solid gold belly rings.

Each and every single one of our belly ring specifications includes full details on the gauge, length, material and make on the product details page.

We offer an unbeatable LIFETIME guarantee on the TummyToys® range of belly rings and a minimum 45 day guarantee on all of our other belly rings. Shop with assurance.

Our guarantee does not cover lost belly rings, we can only repair or replace items that are presented to us. If you are concerned about the fastening of your belly ball or the tightness of your clasp lock, please contact us so that we can rectify the problem for you before the loss of any jewellery occurs.

Should you have any problems at any stage with our products we encourage you to contact us. Your feedback helps us improve and it also gives us the chance to put a smile on your face by making things right! Customer service is our highest priority which is why we have been in the business of making navels beautiful since 2008.

Australia's only premium brand in belly rings, the TummyToys® range have been on the international market for 15 years and first became available here in Australia in 2008. TummyToys® is the worlds FIRST patented belly huggy (snap lock belly ring) and its quality remains unbeaten to this day. You can purchase the TummyToys® range here at The Belly Ring Shop, or head on over to our sister site, TummyToys at www.tummytoys.com.au for more information.

We've been selling belly rings for a decade! And behind us we leave a trail of excited customers and happy shoppers. Paris Hilton is the proud owner of many of our TummyToys® belly bars, along with various other celebrities. Check out our testimonials where you'll find shopper photos modelling their new belly jewellery along with their comments about each piece. We have also published our customers belly ring comments and photos on each of our product pages in this site so that you can shop with assurance from your peers.

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  • Persistent cart memory! No more losing your cart if you get distracted (and lets face it life is full of distractions!).
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  • ZipPay and Afterpay for Australian shoppers! Buy now pay later with ZipPay or pay just 20% now with Afterpay and have your belly rings posted while you pay off the rest at 20% every fortnight. Interest free, convenient and easy. Simply select Afterpay or ZipPay when checking out and register with our credit affiliates (if you haven't already got an account) by using your mobile phone number.
  • Store cash back program! We love shopper pics, they help us give our customers real life photos of our products. When you shop with us, look out for your email after delivery asking you to participate and get a store cash back so that you can buy your next belly ring on us.

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