Jewellery Maintenance

Belly Ring Care & Maintenance Guide

Our belly ring care guide is intended to help you maximise your investment in belly jewellery. Learn the best way to clean, store and maintain your belly rings for a longer lifespan and learn which types of jewellery are best for you and for optimum durability.

NOTE: Wash your hands, clean your piercing and your belly jewellery with a disinfectant hand soap before changing - this applies to BOTH old jewellery and new jewellery straight out of the pack. For a guide on how and when to change your navel piercing visit  the, TummyToys information page here.

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Free Delivery Australia Wide for Orders over $30
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Free Delivery Australia Wide for Orders over $30
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316L Surgical Steel Belly Rings

316L surgical steel will not tarnish, flake or peel and will last the test of time. However, all belly rings, even the basic belly rings will still collect particles of dirt and body oils in various areas. We recommend cleaning your jewellery for to keep it looking brand new and for maximum hygiene. Simply use dish washing detergent in warm water. Warning: alcohol can damage and loosen gems, likewise harsh chemicals can also prematurely age your belly jewellery. To remove dirt or build up, use a gentle brush - like a toothbrush. Give your jewellery a final wash with disinfectant hand soap to assist killing bacteria.

925 Sterling Silver Belly Rings

The optimum choice for belly rings, especially for those who suffer allergies due to its low nickel content. Many people think that 925 Silver jewellery is less valuable because it tarnishes. While it is true that it does tarnish, it is also easily restored unlike cheaper metals. Simply using a Godards Silver Cloth or silver cleaning agent to polish your belly jewellery (no matter how tarnished it is). Polishing will restore its shiny luster and bring it back to brand new EVERY TIME! For many reasons silver is dearer than surgical steel, it is shinier, durable and is recognised as a precious metal.

Solid Gold Belly Bars

Another optimum choice for belly jewellery, be it the most expensive, it comes with its advantages. Unlike 925 silver, 14K gold will not tarnish and unlike gold plated jewellery, it will forever maintain its luster. Neither will it flake or peel with age like costume jewellery. However, solid gold navel rings can still collect particles of dirt and body oils. We recommend cleaning your navel jewellery to keep it looking brand new. You can use a jewellery cleaning agent if you have one, but if not, something as simple as dish washing detergent will do the trick! The WikiHow has an excellent photo demonstration on cleaning gold jewellery, you can check it out here.

Gold Plated Body Jewellery

Gold plated is perfect if you want the style of gold without the price tag. It allows you to save money and buy more belly rings! Take caution though, gold plated jewellery (unlike solid gold) will fade over time, especially when it is regularly exposed to water or chemicals like soaps, creams, sun lotion, tanning oils and cleaning products. Even your perspiration and the PH balance of your skin can affect the lifespan of gold plated belly rings. It's impossible to predict how long your gold plated belly rings will last as this depends on many factors, including how often you wear it and the conditions you expose it to. Chlorine, salt water and pool chemicals can have an aging effect on your shiny plated jewels, for this reason we recommend replacing your gold plated belly bars with surgical steel925 Sterling silver or solid gold when showering or swimming and saving your plated jewellery for other special occasions. NOTE: Do NOT store your plated jewellery in the bathroom or anywhere humid, this will speed up the aging process. Keep plated jewellery dry and away from the elements.

Maintaining, Using and Cleaning TummyToys® Belly Rings

The TummyToys® clasps all come with a lifetime guarantee, they will not fade, flake or peel with age. The clasp tightness is also fully adjustable, so if your clasp is too tight or becomes too loose you can easily fix this by following the TummyToys® online video tutorial guide.

For full instructions on maintaining, cleaning and using the TummyToys® clasps visit the online tutorials at TummyToys®.

PTFE and Plastic/Acrylic

The best thing about PTFE belly bars (aside from the bargain price) is that they are easily resized to a desired length. To adjust, use a pair of scissors and cut the bar on a slight angle at the required length. Using a surgical steel ball, screw it on to the newly cut edge with firm pressure and the PTFE bar will re-thread itself. You can then replace the steel ball with a plastic ball if desired.

When cleaning this type of material do NOT use alcohol or any chemical based cleaning agents as these will crack and damage your jewellery. Simply rinse in warm water with a generic disinfectant hand soap.

Dangly Belly Bars, Costume Jewellery and Bronze Plated

Yes, these items are bargain priced and are available in a wide range of styles, colours and lengths, however they are NOT comprised of the same quality materials as the more expensive range of belly bars in 925 silver and solid gold. Costume belly bars can be susceptible to water damage and age with exposure to chemicals. Additionally they can be affected by your body oils and hygiene products including sunscreen lotion and tanning oils. To get the most out of your dangling belly rings we recommend you care for them in a similar way as you would gold plating (above). While costume jewellery does have a 316L surgical steel shaft, many have charms and dangles that are rhodium plated over metal or vintage brass plated and will show their age when mistreated.

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Easy Returns

Change of Mind? Wrong Size?

Shop with reassurance. We accept returns within 14 days of receipt for a refund and/or within 21 days of receipt for an exchange.

Return Policy Info


Our warranty period is valid for 48 days unless your purchase falls under our extended warranties policy which applies to all solid gold belly rings (15 months) and the TummyToys® collection. If your warranty period has been exceeded we regret that we can not offer you a refund or exchange.


To be eligible for an exchange, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original, untampered heat sealed packaging for hygiene purposes. To complete your return we request that you first contact us for eligibility, please provide your full name and your order reference if available.

Upon receipt and inspection of your return we will send you an email to notify you of the outcome.

For change of mind exchanges and sizing issues, you will be requested to mail the jewellery back to us at Tummy Toys. Sorry, we do not offer cash refunds for return postage, unless otherwise approved by management however a store credit may apply.

Refunds (where applicable)

If a refund has been approved, a credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment, within 1-3 business days.

Replacements (where applicable)

We are happy to replace items if they are defective or damaged presuming they fall within the product warranty period. If your damaged item is valued under $30 please send us a photo of the broken jewellery, if the photo shows acceptable evidence of the problem we can pop a replacement in the post for you without you needing to go to the hassle of returning it.

Change of Mind Returns

We accept change of mind returns where we are notified within 14 days of receipt. Piercing jewellery is medical equipment, for hygiene reasons, the jewellery must be unworn and enclosed in the original heat sealed packaging without evidence of removal or tampering. Please note that postage and packaging fees are non-refundable in this instance and return postage costs (approximately $2.50 in Australia) can not be reimbursed.

Damaged in Transit

We flat pack and bubble wrap all jewellery, so its rare that breakages occur. If you receive a faulty or broken item rest assured we will rectify the problem. Any items damaged during transit have a 100% replacement guarantee, however you may be required to return the damaged goods as per our returns policy. Return postage fees for damaged items will be refunded to you.

If your damaged item is valued under $30 please send us a photo of the broken body jewellery, if the photo shows acceptable evidence of the problem we can pop a replacement in the post for you without you needing to go to the hassle of returning it.

For all other returns please contact us prior to posting your jewellery to:

PO Box 385
Banora Pt NSW 2486